D&D 5E - Forgotten Realms Campaign

Cragmaw Castle

Mirtyl 28 - 30

The trip from Thundertree goes more or less uneventful, and you actually discovers a Fay-site along the way. The site both invigorates you and makes you a little dizzy, so you leave it and head on to find a suitable site to spend the night.
The next day is equally uneventful, until you near the castle area. Here you are met with a band of Hobgoblins and Goblins, but you manage to slay them without much trouble.
You scout out the castle and find out that there is only two possible ways in. On that discovery, you retreat into the woods to spend the night and rest up before you attempt to enter.
Morning comes slowly this close to the sight, but you manage to stay hidden all through the night.
In the light of day, you see that the flight of stairs and landing leading up to the crumbled front door are covered by arrow slits set into the wall of the castle. You decide that this perhaps is a bit of a dangerous approach, and instead heads for the back door.
This however proves no easy access, as Mulder manages to jam the lock, instead of picking it. Out of options, you head back to the front and rushes up the stairs. Well inside you are met by heavy opposition, and you even manage to engage the kitchen staff in the fight for entrance.
After clearing the hallway, kitchen and the two front towers, you need a short rest, and board yourself up in the north tower. This is more or less intact, compared to the other ones that are more crumbled and in disrepair.
You continue your explorations and stumbles upon a shrine to the evil Goblin God Maglubiyet. You also discovers that the shrine is not empty and find yourself in combat against a Goblin shaman and his minions. These are easily disposed and after looting the place for its valuables, you head trough some heavy draperies to the south, just to find a room in utter darkness. Pulling the curtains gives the room some light, but when two fierce serpent like creatures attacks you with a heavy beak sprouting four tentacles, you find yourself at a disadvantage.
By quick thinking, you light the brassier in the room, only to have your minds invaded by a strange presence, compelling you to put out the fire.
However – you have your hands full trying to beat the two Gricks and ignore the desperate voice.
When the dust finally settles, Stoned kick the brassier and find a charred wooden box. Inside the box is a gilded statuette of a wise looking old elf, and you discover that this statuette has the ability to show one person the near future. Of course, you use it to predict the next part of your adventure in Cragmaw Castle.
After a little more exploring, you find yourself in the east part of the castle, and stumbles into a guard post in a hallway. The Guards are properly surprised to see you and you easily take them down. However – one of the guards manage to open the bolt to a heavy wooden door, strengthened with iron bindings and disappearing inside.
You follow him in and find another room covered in shadows. From inside you hear a low growl and the smell of fur and feathers hits you like a fist to the face. Before long, you fight for your life against an Owlbear of the larger sorts, and take substantial damage before you manage to slay it.
Another short rest leads you to an epic battle with a returned guard group, and the hero of the Cragmaw tribe, Goblin 1.
After finally cutting your way clear, you head into the throne room of king Grol, where you discover Grol in an threatening pose over a badly damaged dwarf, laying on the ground in front of him. Also in the room is a fierce wolf and a female drow elf.
Grol lets his hammer crash into the Dwarf and goes on the attack. The Drow change shape and becomes a doppelganger and the wolf leaps for the neck of his closest enemy.
The fight goes on for some time, and the priest with the mighty “face smasher” manages to stabilize the dwarf. You see that it is Gundren himself, and after the beast are put to rest, your effort goes into reviving Gundren.
Back on his legs he wastes no time in asking you help to rescue Sildar and travel on to the mine he discovered with his brothers. You first take the time to look for the cellar, but are not successful.
You tell Gundren that Sildar is safe in Phandalin and rest up for the night before you head back to the town.


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