D&D 5E - Forgotten Realms Campaign


Mirtul 24 - 27

Mirtul 24
Your boat trip up the Neverwinter river goes uneventful, and you find a suitable spot for spending the night about half a day’s march from Thundertree.
The next morning you set out for the ruined city and shortly after midday you reach the outskirts of the town, coming in from the North West.
It is easy to see the destruction made by the eruption of Mount Hotenow three decades ago. Most of the buildings stands in various degrees of ruin, whit only a few appearing to still be intact. The old houses are either sagging into the wet ground, or filled with shrubberies and threes, growing out from where roofs should have been.
The town is situated around a small hill with a winding road leading up to a tower and a small cottage annexing it. Quasit do a short reconicanse trip up to the tower, only to find the corpses of two bloated spiders laying outside.
You soon discover that the fauna is more wild than your usual wheat field, as you get attacked by something that can only be described as walking twigs and small bushes.
You quickly dispose of the weed, only to be lured into the old Inn. Here you discover that not all the people that perished during the eruption found quiet graves. A flock of Zombies attack you, and when you hit them, a puff of smoke and ash erupts from their decaying bodies, blinding and disorienting you.
However your might prevails, and before the afternoon turns into evening, you find yourself in the cottage of Reidoth.

Reidoth is a tight lipped druid that won’t say two words where one will do. He is however happy to see you, but warns of the dangers around Thundertree these day.
“Here be dragons, spiders and strangely dressed folks with masks” he tells you, describing where they can be found.
He first wants you to leave Thundertree, but changes his mind and asks you to reason with the dragon and get it to leave the ruined town. The dragon is a young adult green dragon by the name of Venomfang, and he recently moved into the old tower at the top of the hill. He implores you to use diplomacy, as he fears that the dragon would slaughter you all if you engage in a fight.
He gladly reviles the location of King Grols castle, explaining to you that it is nothing more than a ruined heap of stones where only the ground floor is somewhat safe. He does not know of there is a cellar or other structures below the main building.
The next morning you set out to explore the town and happen upon a house filed with three huge spiders. Being brave, Mulder and Rhamu rushes into the house, only to get Rhamu stuck in the webs, flying from room to room, covering various parts from the roof to the floor.
After Rhamu finally manages to cut free, without stumbling into new webs, the spiders are killed and the nearby houses is explored by the rest of the group.
A house to the South East is occupied by the strange people described to you by Reidoth. You parly with the group and find out that they are explorers, much like yourself. However, you get the feeling that the group can not be fully trusted and decline to spend the night with them. Instead you cross over to the North Eastern part of town, where stoned does a bit of vandalism, toppeling av wooden statue of some long ago forgotten hero.

You clear out the old barrack and camp there for the night, watching for movement from the South.
In the morning you find the building of the strange people abandoned, and head up the road to the tower to reason with the dragon.
When you arrive you discover the strange group kissing the up to the dragon, and when you enter the leader of the group attacks you, while the rest of the group tries to hide from the battle.
Venomfang is not very impressed by his minion’s wannabies, but appreciate that you bring him some snacks.
After both threatening and pleading with the dragon to leave, you manage to catch his interest with the promise of a larger and better lair, in the form of Cragmaw Castle. He agrees to move his lair if you clear it out for him, but until that is done, he will remain in the tower.
You report back to Reidoth, who is glad for your efforts to clear up Thundertree.
Again you spend the night in his cabin, and set out for the Cragmaw Castle the next morning.


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