D&D 5E - Forgotten Realms Campaign

Cragmaw Castle
Mirtyl 28 - 30

The trip from Thundertree goes more or less uneventful, and you actually discovers a Fay-site along the way. The site both invigorates you and makes you a little dizzy, so you leave it and head on to find a suitable site to spend the night.
The next day is equally uneventful, until you near the castle area. Here you are met with a band of Hobgoblins and Goblins, but you manage to slay them without much trouble.
You scout out the castle and find out that there is only two possible ways in. On that discovery, you retreat into the woods to spend the night and rest up before you attempt to enter.
Morning comes slowly this close to the sight, but you manage to stay hidden all through the night.
In the light of day, you see that the flight of stairs and landing leading up to the crumbled front door are covered by arrow slits set into the wall of the castle. You decide that this perhaps is a bit of a dangerous approach, and instead heads for the back door.
This however proves no easy access, as Mulder manages to jam the lock, instead of picking it. Out of options, you head back to the front and rushes up the stairs. Well inside you are met by heavy opposition, and you even manage to engage the kitchen staff in the fight for entrance.
After clearing the hallway, kitchen and the two front towers, you need a short rest, and board yourself up in the north tower. This is more or less intact, compared to the other ones that are more crumbled and in disrepair.
You continue your explorations and stumbles upon a shrine to the evil Goblin God Maglubiyet. You also discovers that the shrine is not empty and find yourself in combat against a Goblin shaman and his minions. These are easily disposed and after looting the place for its valuables, you head trough some heavy draperies to the south, just to find a room in utter darkness. Pulling the curtains gives the room some light, but when two fierce serpent like creatures attacks you with a heavy beak sprouting four tentacles, you find yourself at a disadvantage.
By quick thinking, you light the brassier in the room, only to have your minds invaded by a strange presence, compelling you to put out the fire.
However – you have your hands full trying to beat the two Gricks and ignore the desperate voice.
When the dust finally settles, Stoned kick the brassier and find a charred wooden box. Inside the box is a gilded statuette of a wise looking old elf, and you discover that this statuette has the ability to show one person the near future. Of course, you use it to predict the next part of your adventure in Cragmaw Castle.
After a little more exploring, you find yourself in the east part of the castle, and stumbles into a guard post in a hallway. The Guards are properly surprised to see you and you easily take them down. However – one of the guards manage to open the bolt to a heavy wooden door, strengthened with iron bindings and disappearing inside.
You follow him in and find another room covered in shadows. From inside you hear a low growl and the smell of fur and feathers hits you like a fist to the face. Before long, you fight for your life against an Owlbear of the larger sorts, and take substantial damage before you manage to slay it.
Another short rest leads you to an epic battle with a returned guard group, and the hero of the Cragmaw tribe, Goblin 1.
After finally cutting your way clear, you head into the throne room of king Grol, where you discover Grol in an threatening pose over a badly damaged dwarf, laying on the ground in front of him. Also in the room is a fierce wolf and a female drow elf.
Grol lets his hammer crash into the Dwarf and goes on the attack. The Drow change shape and becomes a doppelganger and the wolf leaps for the neck of his closest enemy.
The fight goes on for some time, and the priest with the mighty “face smasher” manages to stabilize the dwarf. You see that it is Gundren himself, and after the beast are put to rest, your effort goes into reviving Gundren.
Back on his legs he wastes no time in asking you help to rescue Sildar and travel on to the mine he discovered with his brothers. You first take the time to look for the cellar, but are not successful.
You tell Gundren that Sildar is safe in Phandalin and rest up for the night before you head back to the town.

Mirtul 24 - 27

Mirtul 24
Your boat trip up the Neverwinter river goes uneventful, and you find a suitable spot for spending the night about half a day’s march from Thundertree.
The next morning you set out for the ruined city and shortly after midday you reach the outskirts of the town, coming in from the North West.
It is easy to see the destruction made by the eruption of Mount Hotenow three decades ago. Most of the buildings stands in various degrees of ruin, whit only a few appearing to still be intact. The old houses are either sagging into the wet ground, or filled with shrubberies and threes, growing out from where roofs should have been.
The town is situated around a small hill with a winding road leading up to a tower and a small cottage annexing it. Quasit do a short reconicanse trip up to the tower, only to find the corpses of two bloated spiders laying outside.
You soon discover that the fauna is more wild than your usual wheat field, as you get attacked by something that can only be described as walking twigs and small bushes.
You quickly dispose of the weed, only to be lured into the old Inn. Here you discover that not all the people that perished during the eruption found quiet graves. A flock of Zombies attack you, and when you hit them, a puff of smoke and ash erupts from their decaying bodies, blinding and disorienting you.
However your might prevails, and before the afternoon turns into evening, you find yourself in the cottage of Reidoth.

Reidoth is a tight lipped druid that won’t say two words where one will do. He is however happy to see you, but warns of the dangers around Thundertree these day.
“Here be dragons, spiders and strangely dressed folks with masks” he tells you, describing where they can be found.
He first wants you to leave Thundertree, but changes his mind and asks you to reason with the dragon and get it to leave the ruined town. The dragon is a young adult green dragon by the name of Venomfang, and he recently moved into the old tower at the top of the hill. He implores you to use diplomacy, as he fears that the dragon would slaughter you all if you engage in a fight.
He gladly reviles the location of King Grols castle, explaining to you that it is nothing more than a ruined heap of stones where only the ground floor is somewhat safe. He does not know of there is a cellar or other structures below the main building.
The next morning you set out to explore the town and happen upon a house filed with three huge spiders. Being brave, Mulder and Rhamu rushes into the house, only to get Rhamu stuck in the webs, flying from room to room, covering various parts from the roof to the floor.
After Rhamu finally manages to cut free, without stumbling into new webs, the spiders are killed and the nearby houses is explored by the rest of the group.
A house to the South East is occupied by the strange people described to you by Reidoth. You parly with the group and find out that they are explorers, much like yourself. However, you get the feeling that the group can not be fully trusted and decline to spend the night with them. Instead you cross over to the North Eastern part of town, where stoned does a bit of vandalism, toppeling av wooden statue of some long ago forgotten hero.

You clear out the old barrack and camp there for the night, watching for movement from the South.
In the morning you find the building of the strange people abandoned, and head up the road to the tower to reason with the dragon.
When you arrive you discover the strange group kissing the up to the dragon, and when you enter the leader of the group attacks you, while the rest of the group tries to hide from the battle.
Venomfang is not very impressed by his minion’s wannabies, but appreciate that you bring him some snacks.
After both threatening and pleading with the dragon to leave, you manage to catch his interest with the promise of a larger and better lair, in the form of Cragmaw Castle. He agrees to move his lair if you clear it out for him, but until that is done, he will remain in the tower.
You report back to Reidoth, who is glad for your efforts to clear up Thundertree.
Again you spend the night in his cabin, and set out for the Cragmaw Castle the next morning.

The Story so far IV - last post
Mirtul 18 - 23 - Phandalin - Neverwinter

Phadalin Mirtul 18
After a long nights deserving rest, you head to the Town masters hall and discover that Sildar and Harbin is in a heated discussion. Sildar has set up a constabulary on behalf of the Lords Alliance, and Harbin is very displeased. Apparently he fears that the production of the mines will be swallowed by the alliance to a lower price, than on the open marked.
Sildar has a hard time arguing that Phandalin will prosper by the trade, which is guarded by the alliance, and also benefit from the military might within the Lords alliance, preventing the same fate that befell the town a century ago.
Harbin retreat to his office and you decide to talk to Sildar first.
He wants you to help him rid the town of the Redbrants, arrest Glasstaff and also to help him find Gundren Rockseeker and his predesesor Iarno Albrek, who was sent to Phandalin a two months ago and never was heard form again.
Harbin on the other hand wants you to get rid of Sildar for him, and promise you grate rewards and prominent positions in Phandalin.
You don’t fully trust him and instead head for the ruined manor. This time you clear it out, freeing the missing woodcutter’s wife Mirna Dendrar and her children in the process. She don’t have anything to give you for her rescue, but tells you of an emerald necklace that she had to leave behind in Thundertree, when she as a girl, had to flee from there. It is yours if you will like to retrieve it.
You also discover that Glasstsaff is indeed Iarno Albrek, but unfortunately you kill him in the battle. Among his paper you find a letter signed with a fat black spider that sais;

Lord Albrek,
My spies in Neverwinter tell me that strangers are due to arrive in Phandalin. They could be working for the dwarves. Capture them if you can, kill them if you must, but donæt allow them to upset our plans. See that any dwarven maps in their possession is delivered to me with haste.
I am counting on you Iarno. Don’t disappoint me.

You report back to Sildar and he sends you out to find Gundren.
You know that Gundren was taken to the Cragmaw castle, and you have also learned that the only one who would know where that might be, is Reidoth the Druid. Currently a resident of Thundertree.
Mirtul 20 The Road to thundertree
You have now been on this job for two tendays, and head back to Neverwinter to arrange transportation to Thundertree.
The trip is more or less uneventful, and you meet a lot of other travellers on the High road.
When you enter Neverwiner, you see that the city is in a hectic state of repair, and that new buildings are constructed all over town.
You manage to secure passage on a boat taking you up the Neverwinter river, and camp out on the shores on the night of the 23rd.

The Story so far III
Mirtul 9 - 18 Triboar Trail - Agatha - Kost and Old Owl Well

Mirtul 9
You leave Phandalin in the morning on Mirtul 9 and head straight north to the crossing of the Triboar trail. The reminder of the day you head east, and you notice that the trail is indeed broad enough some places, that two carts can actually pass each other without having to stop or swing off the trail.
You meet with some travellers along the road, and most are heading to Neverwinter to help rebuild the city.
Just before midday on Mirtul 11, you spot the ruined settlement of Conyberry. You know that the city was overrun by orcs some decades ago, and what buildings that has not been burned to the ground, is now more or less collapsed or reclaimed by nature.
As you get near the settlement, you are aware of something moving amongst the buildings. A closer inspection shows you that a band of Ghouls are roaming the streets in search for Gods know what? A wicked fight erupts, and with defiant resistance and fierce attacking, you manage to defeat the undeads.
After disposing of the corpses, you find the hidden path as described to you by Sister Garaele, leading north to Agatha’s lair.
The narrow path winds trough the woods, which seems to huddle closer and closer to you, the deeper you get.
Just as the light is about to go out, you come upon a hut, weaved together by living branches. A sturdy but ancient looking door is located directly on the path.
You enter the hut and find it to be quite homely. It looks like it only consist of three rooms, with two doors in opposite ends of the main room. Sturdy elven crafted furniture and dwarven kitchen utilities lays under thick layers of dust, reveiling that there has not been a living person in here for a long, long time.
Agatha appears before you in all her Banshee’s dread and beauty and you are struck with awe and a twinkling of terror as she manifests. After some talk, you manage to get your one question from Agatha in exchange for the silver comb you got from Sister Garaele.
Dutifully you ask her about the spellbook of Bowgentle that Garaele seeks, Agatha is no longer in the possession of the book, but she tells you that she traded it to a Necromancer named Tsernoth from the cirty of Iriaebor, more than a hundred years ago. She does not know what has become of the book or Tsernoth.
You spend the night at Agathas before you head back west towards the Old Owl well, and reach your destination on the evening of Mirtul 13. As you crest a low ridge, you spy the crumbling ruins of an old watchtower standing amid the rugged hills. The place is so old that the walls are only mounds of rubble enclosing a courtyard of sorts, adjacent to the broken stump of an old tower. A colorful tent has been set up in the middle of the courtyard, but no one is in sight.
As you get close to the tent, a stout red-robed figure with a shaved scalp and a black tattoo on his forehead emerges from within. He introduces himself as Hamun Kost, and you later discover that he is an emissary from Thay.
He tells you that he is looking for artefacts and anything magical left behind on the site. He has started an excavation and asks you kindly to stay away from it. Long story short. He tries to recruit you on behalf of the Red Wizards of Thay, and when you decline, a huge number of zombies attack you from within the ruined tower.
You dispose of the undead easily enough, and tie up kost in his tent. After helping yourself to some compensation for the damage incurred by Kost and his minions, you leave him in his tent with the promise of coming back to free him later.
You leave the tent, never to return, and only Stoned knows what truly happened to Kost, as he is the last to leave.
Mitrul 15
Your treck trough the foothills of the Sword mountains finally leads you to Wyverns Tor. After some searching, you find the band of orcs that Harbin Wester wants you to remove from the area. Without much trouble you storm the cave they use as a base of operations, and kill all the Orcs and their pet Ogre.
After the fight you head straight back to the Triboar trail, where you ambushed by a contingency of the Cragmaw tribe in the afternoon the next day. You are told that you are to be brought to the Cragmaw castle, to stand trial before king Grol, for your sins in the cave where you found Sildar.
Again you manage to fend off your attackers, but you are aware that the enemy is getting tougher to beat each time, and now it seems that you have made an enemy that can afford to throw wave after wave at you.
The next day goes uneventful and you spend the night at the Phandalin crossing with paladins of Helm, escorting travellers along the Triboar Trail to Neverwinter.
On the following morning you are accompanied by a caravan driver from the Lionshield in Yartar, coming to replenish Linene’s stocks. He has a foul mouth but otherwise an jovial bearing.
You get back to the Stonehill Inn just after midday, and use the rest of the day to sort out your business.

The Story so far II
Phandalin - Myrtul 5-7

Mirtul 5.
Important places and persons:
• Stonehill inn – Toblen Stonehill
• Barthen’s Provisions – Elmar Barthen
• Edermath Orchard – Daran Edermath (Old owl well – Hamun Kost. Necromacer. Red wizard of Thay)
• Lionshield Coster – Linene Graywind (Yartar) Stolen goods from the cave
• Phandalin Miners exchange – Halia Thornton (Zentarim)
• Alderleaf Farm – Qelline Alderleaf / Carp Alderleaf → Reidoth the Druid / secret entrance Redbrands
• Shrine of luck – Sister Garaele (Harper) – Agatha the Banshee
• The Sleeping Giant – Redbrand watering hole.
• Townmaster’s hall – Harbin Wester → Orcs at Wyvern Thor
• Townmaster’s hall – Sildar Hallwinter → Clean town, fins Iarno Albrek, find Gundren
• Tresendar Manor – Redbrands hideout

When you finally reach Phandalin, the first order of business is to deliver Gundren’s supplies to Elmar Barthen at Barthen’s Provisions. Elmar is dismayed by your tale and urges you to go looking for Gundren. He also tells you that he has not heard from the brothers, which he expected back in town a tenday ago..
He recommend you to take rooms at the Stonehill Inn by the town square, while in town – as this is the only full service establishment in Phandalin.
You head for the inn for a well-deserved rest and a night of good food and drink in the company of the locals.
It quickly becomes apparent that the town is harassed by a gang of thugs called The Redbrands, believed to be led by a wizard only called Glasstaff. You also learn that Sister Garaele over at the Shrine of luck went missing for almost a tenday, and when she returned she was lightly injured, but would not talk of it to anyone.
Further you learn that Daran Edermath is a retired adventurer who now runs his own farm just west of the town square.
After taking in the rumores and other information, you call it a night and retire to your rooms.
Mirtul 6.
The next day you set out to explore the small town, both paying Sister Garaele and Daran Edermath a visit. Garaele is a lovely looking priestess of Tymora (The Lady of luck) and after getting to know her for a bit, she asks you to help her in retrieving an ancient book from the Banshee Agatha, a famous resident of the Coneberry community. She tells you that Agatha is mostly friendly these days, but that she can be difficult to get to communicate. She gives you a silver comb that supposedly used to belong to Agatha to trade for the book.
You find Daran Edermath bussy at work in his orchard around midday. He is happy to meet adventurers in this part of the North, and invites you to some cider on his porch. He tells you a little bit about Phandalin and the people living there today. His biggest concern is that the Redbrands will manage to force the people of Phandalin into submission and strangle the trade that is slowly building up from the mines. He tells you that he will greatly appreciate if you could teach them a lesson and drive them the hells out of town. He has also heard rumors of someone setting up camp in Old Owl Well and would like you to take a look to see if that is something Phandalin should worry about?
The rest of the day goes to exploring Phanalin and get to know the different establishments.
Across the town square is the Town Hall. Harbin Wester is the current town master and he invites you into his office. He tells you about the trade that is picking up from the mines, as well as his future plans for the community to grow. He admits that the Redbrands is somewhat of a nuisance, but he does not acknowledge them as a problem. Instead he believes that the problem will solve itself when they get proper jobs in the mine, or elsewhere in town.
Harbin is concerned that a pack of orcs that is rumored to have settled down in the Wyverns Thor is a threat to Phandalin, and wants to hire you to drive them off – or deal whit them any other way you see fit.
Across the street from the town halls lays The Lionshield Coaster, a known trading company out of Yartar. You recognize the bleu lion-symbol hanging over the door, and tells the proprietor Linene Graywind about the looted provisions you found in the cave where you freed Sildar Hallwinter. Linene gets very exited by the news, and tells you that there has been an increase in banditry along the Triboar trail lately, but that neither Phandalin nor the bigger cities of the north has any military capacity to deal with it.
Linene is so grateful to be able to retrieve her goods that she gives you a permanent discount in the store, and promises to let the mother office in Yartar know of your good deed.
At the border of the town, situated on the mine-road going south into the mountains is the Phandalin Miners exchange. This is run by a rather capable young human woman called Halia Thornton.
She oversees the sales of the land lots between the prospectors that has come to town looking for precious metals and stones.
She is known to settle disputes over new claims with a level head and in the best interest of Phandalin.
She sees the Redbrands as misguided by Glasstaff and ask you to remove him permanently from the era. She tells you that she has need of the manpower and promises to make good use of the gang members.
Camus get the feeling that she is withholding information from you.
The last person you visit in Phandalin on the first day, is the halfling woman Qelline Alderleaf and her son Carp. Carp tells you that he knows a secret entrance to Tresendar manor, and that he was almost caught by some bandits emerging from the secret tunnel below the ruin last time he went there to play.
He agrees to show it to you the same evening after his mother has gone off to bed.
On the way back to the Stonehill inn, you are beset by a small group of Redbrands. After a fierce battle, you kill off all the attackers, save but one. Just as the fight ends, Harbind Wester comes upon you and order you to take the corpses into the woods to burry them before the other Redbrands discover them. He also wants you to get rid of the live thug as he do not want to risk imprisoning him for fear of retaliation against the people of Phandalin.
The trip into the woods are cumbersome and tiring. The thug is tight lipped and refuses to tell you anything about the hideout at firs. You soon change his mind by a little bit of intimidation and persuasion, and you make him tell you about the monster guarding the central cave, and the bugbear reinforcements recently received from the Cragmaw castle.
Digging the graves for the dead Redbrands take most of the night, and it is early morning when you are ready to leave. You have a short discussion about what to do whit the thug (now tied to a three), which ends when he accidentally falls onto Stones sword.
Deciding to wait till it gets dark before you go for the hideout below Tresendar Manor, you camp in the woods to the sun sets.
Sneaking through the woods, you manage to take out the guards patrolling outside the cave entrance before they manage to raise the alarm.
You proceed cautiously down the tunnel before reaching an open cave area with a cleft dividing the floor into two separate platforms. At the edges of the cave you can see that it has been worked on, with the floors and walls dressed with worked stones (masonry).
The cave feels colder the nearer you get to the crevasse, and a faint breeze brings with it a faint smell of decaying flesh. All of sudden your head fills with a voice introducing itself as Notch the Nothic. It asks you if you have come to feed him, and he muses over the possibility that you actually are his dinner. It doesn’t take long for you to be in a fight with the monster, and after descending down the crevasse (some by a crashing bridge) you defeat Notch and discovers his stash, along with a half-eaten body. You continue your exploration and before long you find yourself in a fight with both thugs and bugbears. As the fight turns bad on you, and you stare death in the eye, a charming and eloquently old man emerges to stop the fight.
He introduces himself as Glasstaff and has a gentleman’s way about him.
You are allowed to leave the cellar, and return back to the Stonehill inn to lick your wounds.
The group decides that it is smart to skip town for a few of days, and decides to head east to Conyberry to see Agatham, and then check out Old Owl Well and Whyvenr Tor.

The Story so far

DR 1491 – Mirtul 1. (The calendar of Harptos)

You where called to the residence of your good friend Gundren Rockseeker in Neverwinter, where you met the other people, now part of your group.
In addition Gundren introduced you to Sildar Hallwinter, a grey haired man with a long bushy mustash and the unmistakable holding of a soldier.
Gundren tells you that he and he’s brothers Tharden and Nundro have discovered the mine of the Phandelvers pact, rumoured to contain the Forge of spells.

Five hundred years ago, dwarves and gnomes made an agreement known as the Phandelver’s Pact, by which they would share a rich mine in a wondrous cavern known as Wave Echo Cave. Times were good, and the nearby human town of Phandalin prospered as well. But then disaster struck when orcs swept through the North and laid waste to all in their path.
A powerful force of orcs reinforced by the evil mercenary wizards attacked the Wave Echo Cave to seize its riches and magic treasures. Human wizards fought alongside their dwarf and gnome allies to defend the Forge of Spells, and the ensuing spell battle destroyed much of the cavern. Few survived the cave-ins and tremors, and the location of Wave Echo Cave was lost.

Gundren tells you that he wants you to escort his provisions train to Phandalin while he and Sildar Hallwinter goes on ahead to meet up with the brothers that is already on the mine site. He also tells you that he will be needing your services for a time after the mine is reopened, to clear away any unwanted attention and from the wrong people and monsters living in the area.

You set out from Neverwinter on Mirtul 2nd and have a pleasant journey south on the High road, meeting caravans and travelers heading in the direction of Neverwinter. Many of these are skilled craftsmen heading north to help rebuild Neverwinter, but you also meet other travelers lured north by the prospect of a better life in the region.
After turning east on the Triboar trail the next day, you come upon two dead horses laying in the middle of the road. You quickly understand the danger and manage to avoid to be ambushed by a pack of Goblins.
After defeating the would be ambushers you discover that the horses are familiar, and belong to non other than Gundren and Sildar Hallwinter.
You track the goblins trail trough the bushes and discover a hideout situated in a large cave. After exploring the cave and obliderating the Goblins and Bugbear-boss (Klarg) from the Cragmaw tribe holed up in the cave, you manage to free Sildar Hallwinter from his captivity only to learn that Gundren along with his map of the Phandelver mine, was sent to the Cragmaw castle by order of the Cragmaws king, King Grol.

With no knowledge of where the castle is sutuated, you decide to go with Sildar to Phandalin to try and find out whether any one there can help you locate the Cragmaw-den.


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