D&D 5E - Forgotten Realms Campaign

The Story so far II

Phandalin - Myrtul 5-7

Mirtul 5.
Important places and persons:
• Stonehill inn – Toblen Stonehill
• Barthen’s Provisions – Elmar Barthen
• Edermath Orchard – Daran Edermath (Old owl well – Hamun Kost. Necromacer. Red wizard of Thay)
• Lionshield Coster – Linene Graywind (Yartar) Stolen goods from the cave
• Phandalin Miners exchange – Halia Thornton (Zentarim)
• Alderleaf Farm – Qelline Alderleaf / Carp Alderleaf → Reidoth the Druid / secret entrance Redbrands
• Shrine of luck – Sister Garaele (Harper) – Agatha the Banshee
• The Sleeping Giant – Redbrand watering hole.
• Townmaster’s hall – Harbin Wester → Orcs at Wyvern Thor
• Townmaster’s hall – Sildar Hallwinter → Clean town, fins Iarno Albrek, find Gundren
• Tresendar Manor – Redbrands hideout

When you finally reach Phandalin, the first order of business is to deliver Gundren’s supplies to Elmar Barthen at Barthen’s Provisions. Elmar is dismayed by your tale and urges you to go looking for Gundren. He also tells you that he has not heard from the brothers, which he expected back in town a tenday ago..
He recommend you to take rooms at the Stonehill Inn by the town square, while in town – as this is the only full service establishment in Phandalin.
You head for the inn for a well-deserved rest and a night of good food and drink in the company of the locals.
It quickly becomes apparent that the town is harassed by a gang of thugs called The Redbrands, believed to be led by a wizard only called Glasstaff. You also learn that Sister Garaele over at the Shrine of luck went missing for almost a tenday, and when she returned she was lightly injured, but would not talk of it to anyone.
Further you learn that Daran Edermath is a retired adventurer who now runs his own farm just west of the town square.
After taking in the rumores and other information, you call it a night and retire to your rooms.
Mirtul 6.
The next day you set out to explore the small town, both paying Sister Garaele and Daran Edermath a visit. Garaele is a lovely looking priestess of Tymora (The Lady of luck) and after getting to know her for a bit, she asks you to help her in retrieving an ancient book from the Banshee Agatha, a famous resident of the Coneberry community. She tells you that Agatha is mostly friendly these days, but that she can be difficult to get to communicate. She gives you a silver comb that supposedly used to belong to Agatha to trade for the book.
You find Daran Edermath bussy at work in his orchard around midday. He is happy to meet adventurers in this part of the North, and invites you to some cider on his porch. He tells you a little bit about Phandalin and the people living there today. His biggest concern is that the Redbrands will manage to force the people of Phandalin into submission and strangle the trade that is slowly building up from the mines. He tells you that he will greatly appreciate if you could teach them a lesson and drive them the hells out of town. He has also heard rumors of someone setting up camp in Old Owl Well and would like you to take a look to see if that is something Phandalin should worry about?
The rest of the day goes to exploring Phanalin and get to know the different establishments.
Across the town square is the Town Hall. Harbin Wester is the current town master and he invites you into his office. He tells you about the trade that is picking up from the mines, as well as his future plans for the community to grow. He admits that the Redbrands is somewhat of a nuisance, but he does not acknowledge them as a problem. Instead he believes that the problem will solve itself when they get proper jobs in the mine, or elsewhere in town.
Harbin is concerned that a pack of orcs that is rumored to have settled down in the Wyverns Thor is a threat to Phandalin, and wants to hire you to drive them off – or deal whit them any other way you see fit.
Across the street from the town halls lays The Lionshield Coaster, a known trading company out of Yartar. You recognize the bleu lion-symbol hanging over the door, and tells the proprietor Linene Graywind about the looted provisions you found in the cave where you freed Sildar Hallwinter. Linene gets very exited by the news, and tells you that there has been an increase in banditry along the Triboar trail lately, but that neither Phandalin nor the bigger cities of the north has any military capacity to deal with it.
Linene is so grateful to be able to retrieve her goods that she gives you a permanent discount in the store, and promises to let the mother office in Yartar know of your good deed.
At the border of the town, situated on the mine-road going south into the mountains is the Phandalin Miners exchange. This is run by a rather capable young human woman called Halia Thornton.
She oversees the sales of the land lots between the prospectors that has come to town looking for precious metals and stones.
She is known to settle disputes over new claims with a level head and in the best interest of Phandalin.
She sees the Redbrands as misguided by Glasstaff and ask you to remove him permanently from the era. She tells you that she has need of the manpower and promises to make good use of the gang members.
Camus get the feeling that she is withholding information from you.
The last person you visit in Phandalin on the first day, is the halfling woman Qelline Alderleaf and her son Carp. Carp tells you that he knows a secret entrance to Tresendar manor, and that he was almost caught by some bandits emerging from the secret tunnel below the ruin last time he went there to play.
He agrees to show it to you the same evening after his mother has gone off to bed.
On the way back to the Stonehill inn, you are beset by a small group of Redbrands. After a fierce battle, you kill off all the attackers, save but one. Just as the fight ends, Harbind Wester comes upon you and order you to take the corpses into the woods to burry them before the other Redbrands discover them. He also wants you to get rid of the live thug as he do not want to risk imprisoning him for fear of retaliation against the people of Phandalin.
The trip into the woods are cumbersome and tiring. The thug is tight lipped and refuses to tell you anything about the hideout at firs. You soon change his mind by a little bit of intimidation and persuasion, and you make him tell you about the monster guarding the central cave, and the bugbear reinforcements recently received from the Cragmaw castle.
Digging the graves for the dead Redbrands take most of the night, and it is early morning when you are ready to leave. You have a short discussion about what to do whit the thug (now tied to a three), which ends when he accidentally falls onto Stones sword.
Deciding to wait till it gets dark before you go for the hideout below Tresendar Manor, you camp in the woods to the sun sets.
Sneaking through the woods, you manage to take out the guards patrolling outside the cave entrance before they manage to raise the alarm.
You proceed cautiously down the tunnel before reaching an open cave area with a cleft dividing the floor into two separate platforms. At the edges of the cave you can see that it has been worked on, with the floors and walls dressed with worked stones (masonry).
The cave feels colder the nearer you get to the crevasse, and a faint breeze brings with it a faint smell of decaying flesh. All of sudden your head fills with a voice introducing itself as Notch the Nothic. It asks you if you have come to feed him, and he muses over the possibility that you actually are his dinner. It doesn’t take long for you to be in a fight with the monster, and after descending down the crevasse (some by a crashing bridge) you defeat Notch and discovers his stash, along with a half-eaten body. You continue your exploration and before long you find yourself in a fight with both thugs and bugbears. As the fight turns bad on you, and you stare death in the eye, a charming and eloquently old man emerges to stop the fight.
He introduces himself as Glasstaff and has a gentleman’s way about him.
You are allowed to leave the cellar, and return back to the Stonehill inn to lick your wounds.
The group decides that it is smart to skip town for a few of days, and decides to head east to Conyberry to see Agatham, and then check out Old Owl Well and Whyvenr Tor.


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