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Current Missions:

Find Gundren Rockseeker
You were hired by your good friend Gundren Rockseeker to escort his provisions train from Neverwinter to Phandalin. Gundren himself and Sildar Hallwinter leaves ahead of you, hurrying to reach Phandalin by horse to meet up with he’s two brothers. They have discovered the legendary mines of the Phandelvers pact, said to contain a magical forge.
A few hours in on the Triboar trail, you stumble upon two dead horses, and find yourself in a Goblin ambush.
Tracking the attackers back to their lair, you find and rescue Sildar Hallwinter, who tells you that he and Gundren was attacked and captured. Sildar was held at the nearby cave, but Gundren was taken to the Cragmaw castle to be presented to the goblin King (King Grolh)

Current status
Sildar has set up a constabulary in Phandalin and asked you to find Gundren.
After clearing Thunderthree of all it’s resident monsters, and striking a deal with Venomfang. You have now travelled south and east to take on the King of the Cragmaws – King Grol, and try to find out what has happened with Gudren.
After an epic battle to gain entrance to the castle, you have barricaded yourself in the north western tower for a short rest.

Important Characters:
- Gundren Rockseeker (Your good friend, captured by Goblins)
- Sildar Hallwinter (Gundren’s boddyguard, agent of the Lords Alliance in Phandalin)
- Harbin Wester (Town master in Phandalin)
- Reidoth the Druid. Resident of Thundertree
- Venomfang the green dragon.
- King Grol of the Cragmaw

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